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Australian Top University Course ATAR Cut-offs in 2012
University NameCourseATAR
University of Western AustraliaEngineering (MPE) - Assured entry pathway via the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) (BPhil(Hons)) 99.85
Australian National UniversityBachelor of Engineering (Research & Dev) 99
Monash UniversityEngineering/Law 97.65
University of Technology SydneyBachelor of Engineering Science B Laws 97.65
Swinburne University of TechnologyVice-Chancellor's Scholarship-Engineering 97.55
Griffith UniversityBachelor of Engineering (Sport and Biomedical Engineering) - full-time 97
University of New South WalesBachelor of Engineering/B Commerce 96.3
Central Queensland UniversityBachelor of Engineering (Co-op) and Diploma of Professional Practice (Engineering) - full-time 96
Griffith UniversityBachelor of Engineering (Advanced Studies) - full-time 96
Monash UniversityEnvironmental Engineering/Arts 95.5
La Trobe UniversityElectronic Engineering/Biomedical Engineering 95.15
University of South AustraliaBachelor of Laws double degrees (Engineering options) 95
RMIT UniversityEngineering-Aerospace/Management 94.55
Monash UniversityBiomedical Science/Engineering 94.4
Deakin UniversityEngineering (Engineering Scholars Program) 94.05
Monash UniversityCommee/Engineering 93.65
Edith Cowan UniversityEngineering / Laws (BEng/LLB)(double degree) 93.5
Monash UniversityEngineering/Ahitectural Design 93.5
Monash UniversityCommee/Aerospace Engineering 93.4
Monash UniversityCommee/Mechatronics Engineering 93.15
Monash UniversityAerospace Engineering/Arts 93.1
University of SydneyBachelor of Eng (Biomed Engineering) 93.1
Monash UniversityMechatronics Engineering 92.4
Monash UniversityAerospace Engineering/Science 92.35
Monash UniversityScience/Engineering 92.15
Monash UniversityEngineering/Pharmaceutical Science 92.1
Monash UniversityMechatronics Engineering/Arts 91.95
RMIT UniversityEngineering - Civil and Infrastructure/Management 91.8
Monash UniversityComputer Systems Engineering 91.7
Monash UniversityMechatronics Engineering/Science 91.55
University of QueenslandBachelor of ENGINEERING 91.55
University of QueenslandBachelor of ENGINEERING/B ARTS 91.55
University of QueenslandBachelor of ENGINEERING/B BIOTECHNOLOGY 91.55
University of QueenslandBachelor of ENGINEERING/B BUS MAN 91.55
University of QueenslandBachelor of ENGINEERING/B COMMERCE 91.55
University of QueenslandBachelor of ENGINEERING/B ECON 91.55
University of QueenslandBachelor of ENGINEERING/B INFO TECH 91.55
University of QueenslandBachelor of ENGINEERING/B SCIENCE 91.55
Monash UniversityEngineering/Arts 91.5
Monash UniversityEnvironmental Engineering/Science 91.5
Monash UniversityEnvironmental Engineering/Commee 91.35
RMIT UniversityEngineering-Mechanical/Management 90.85
Monash UniversityAerospace Engineering 90.5
RMIT UniversityFood Technology/Engineering - Chemical 90.45
Monash UniversityEngineering 90.05
Monash UniversityEnvironmental Engineering 90
University of WollongongBachelor of Engineering/B Laws 90
Curtin University of TechnologyPhysics/Electrical Power Engineering (BSc/BEng) (double degree) 89.25
University of Southern QueenslandBachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science - full-time or part-time 89
La Trobe UniversityElectronic Engineering/Telecommunication Engineering 88.55

ATAR cut-offs are simply based on supply and demand, but they can show whether a university has competitive offerings.
They can be utilised to compare the competitiveness of the courses offered by Australian universities.

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