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Loreto, Mandeville Hall, Toorak

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School Reviews
By Student - 15 Apr 2023, Rate: bad
2 girls in yr 9 are bullying one of my friends and i don’t appreciate it. i am really disappointed for her as she thought they were her friends would not recommend to my worse enemy
By Student - 10 Jul 2015, Rate: excellent
I absolutely love Loreto. The girls are welcoming, well mannered, funny and friendly and the teachers are so helpful and supportive of us. The facilities here are state-of-the-art and i would definitely recommend it for everyone. Loreto prepares you for much more than just prep-12, it prepares you for life and all its obstacles. As a year 7 currently, i love the GSV (girls sport Victoria) and the ability to participate with all the older girls as well. The PAF (performing arts festival) held in february each year for all girls in year 7-12 is probably one of the best things. i just loved the singing, acting and participating with all my friends. Loreto feels like a second home and a great escape from all the stress at home that some students feel !!!!!!!
By Student - 24 Aug 2013, Rate: excellent
I transferred to LMH this year as a year 8 student, and is an amazing school. Especially the teachers.
By Parent - 22 Oct 2009, Rate: good
As a parent of a Loreto student I am extremely happy with what Loreto has provided. I do think there could be more subjects added to the VCE curriculum, but their results are always fantastic and they have more than schools like Lauriston which cost much more $$$$. I also think that Loreto is fantastic for one of the cheaper private girls schools and the girls are much more (in a good way) than the stereotypical Private school girl.
By Current Pupil - 24 Mar 2009, Rate: excellent
I have been at Loreto for a while now and I have always enjoyed the school. It has a fantastic atmosphere and amazing environment.
By Current Pupil - 14 Aug 2008, Rate: excellent
Everything about LMH is fantastic especially the ways we raise money for those less fortunate. All around the school, staff and students are ready to lend a helping hand to others.

We have the latest equipment, technology and facilities which enables us to have subjects that some other private schools may not such Food People Technology (healthy cooking classes) and Information Technology (I.T. classes)which allow us to discover how to use and improve our laptop use.

At Loreto Mandeville Hall we learn about our foundress Mary Ward who said, "Women in time will do much" and our school's history. We pride ourselves on being able to be the best we can be, trying our hardest while doing it and always having faith in Lord Jesus, Christ.

For students using public transport, there is a short walk of under 5 minutes from Toorak Station and for parents/gaurdians collecting students, there is ample parking along the many gates.

Our VCE grades are always high with many students receiving perfect scores.

With so many students and teachers looking out, helping and encouraging us, it is no surprise that Loreto Mandeville Hall is a excellent All Girls Catholic Private School!

(Written by a current student at Loreto Mandeville Hall, year 8)
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