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Box Hill High School, Box Hill

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School Reviews
By Student - 30 Nov 2023, Rate: poor
Ms labib was the cruelest teacher I have ever met. She would bully me about my "poor attendance" when I was very unwell and the school was notified of this. The would call me "lazy girl" if front of the class and laugh at me too. I finished high school in 2012 in year 10 feeling chewed up and spat out by any one I ever talked to there including most of the teachers.
By Parent - 11 Jul 2022, Rate: average
This school is good if your child is into Art/Music. STEM subjects are only at minimal level. Teachers retired or left and were never replaced. I can see many "excellent" reviews from "old" time, but this school is very different now. I hope this is just COVID related problems and they will eventually go away.
By Parent - 16 Jun 2022, Rate: average
By Alumnus - 01 Nov 2021, Rate: poor
A toxic mental health environment, particularly in senior years as a direct result of poor treatment by leadership teams. The school dealt with COVID protocols well but lacked in support for students once returning to on-site learning. The school sacrifices stable mental health for achieving higher marks. Having said this, the creative arts department is amazing and provides wonderful opportunities for students.
By Student - 18 Oct 2021, Rate: good
Ms Labib is the not bad but very strict and sometimes she doesn't know what she teaching but the rest of the teachers a really good.
By Student - 20 Jul 2021, Rate: good
Ms Labib. That is all I have to say. Though the rest of the teachers are brilliant! Proud to be a student at this wonderful school.
By Parent - 17 Dec 2015, Rate: average
Not all teachers!
By Parent - 24 Nov 2015, Rate: excellent
All teachers are great and knowledgeable.
By Student - 17 Aug 2015, Rate: excellent
You got to love Mr Smith!!
By Student - 17 Aug 2015, Rate: excellent
Ms Labib doesn't know her own subjects and Ms LA can't spell or count but otherwise the teachers are awesome!!
By Employee - 21 Jul 2015, Rate: excellent
If only i could do my high school years all over again.. I would go to box hill in a heart beat.. The students are amazing, smart and respectful. A great school to work at.
By Parent - 11 Mar 2015, Rate: excellent
My daughter attends this school and I can say that when we were considering sending her private we were amazed to learn that Box Hill High achieves results as good as, or indeed better, than those we were prepared to pay 25-30k for!!!
By Parent - 11 Mar 2015, Rate: excellent
One of the best performing public schools in the state.
By Parent - 15 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
The school should make ties and blazers compulsary to give the school a good image as many schools even public schools make sure that children are wearimg ties and blazers.
By Parent - 13 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
Great school, my daughter really love it, good location , excellent environment, friendly staff, great principal and lovely teachers!
Great VCE results as well as great musical and sports opportunity !
By Parent - 13 Feb 2015, Rate: excellent
Excellent school in helping every student to achieve to their potential
By Parent - 28 Oct 2014, Rate: excellent
I'm am impresed wih this school better then many schools
By Parent - 04 Jul 2014, Rate: excellent
The best school ever
By Parent - 04 Jul 2014, Rate: excellent
Really good SEAL program
By Parent - 24 Apr 2013, Rate: excellent
Went to the open day, very impressed with the amazing teachers , principle and students. Very nice and huge environment, friendly school, excellent curriculum program . Excellent transportation , very excited for my child to head start her high schooling , thank god.
I'm , rate this school

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