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Melbourne Girls Grammar, South Yarra

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School Reviews
By Parent - 22 Sep 2020, Rate: average
Former headmistress, Catherine Misson, who is criticized in some of these posts, left Melbourne Girls Grammar School at the end of 2018. She eventually found another job and moved to Canada. Controversy followed her. Within months, national media reported her being being sued for her actions at the school: Havergal College. A few months later, another court case was brought against her and her new school.
By Employee - 14 Jul 2020, Rate: excellent
These vitriolic reviews are all by the same person as per the post 09 July 2016- apart from her lies she also continues to spell the principals name incorrectly which gives her away each and every time. The School is very much aware of who she is and many of her reviews online have been removed over the years from websites across the www as they breach review policies (defamation, privacy etc). Please visit the school, talk to our students and you'll soon realise that our students are not only amazing young women but they are also quite diverse for an independent school. As the school enjoys an inner city location they travel from across the whole of Melbourne to attend.
By Student - 22 Jan 2020, Rate: bad
Please do not send your daughter here. The school breeds girls to treat one another with abusive actions mentally , verbally and even physically. I left this school and it was the best thing I ever did. This school causes mental issues and illnesses. The staff don’t care about the students and all the school wants is money. This school is made up of rich privileged white families who live in toorak and don’t care about there children’s education but all they care about is being able to Skyte and tell people that there daughter attends Melbourne girls grammar. If you send your child here you may have good intentions but I’m warning you. Don’t.
By Parent - 14 Nov 2018, Rate: bad
What is with bullying by Mrs Mission!! What a horrible human being!!
Karma will come her way.
By Parent - 09 Jul 2016, Rate: excellent
4 of these reviews are all written by the same person, on other forums she calls herself "Melbourne Mother" & everyone in the community is well aware who she really is. A pit after only 6 months in the school and not even knowing the spelling of the principals name she feels she can represent the whole parent body. The majority are extremely satisfied as Mrs Misson shows amazing leadership and over the past 9 years I have seen the school grow, results improve, the school gain an international reputation and they have waiting lists for entry now to so I'd recommend you check it out for yourself and not believe the same reviewer writing comments here under different personas!
By Student - 22 May 2016, Rate: excellent
i fink vis scool ies berry goud
By Parent - 20 Apr 2016, Rate: bad
Dirty, filthy, run-down, smelly, crack-hotel feel to this place! Sorry I was writing a review for the Hotel Grand Chancellor.
By Student - 04 Mar 2016, Rate: excellent
MGGS is awesome!
I know some people don't agree with me but thats okay.
The girls are great, teachers are fantabulous(lol) and the environment is so pure and free.
By Employee - 26 Jan 2016, Rate: average
A sorry state of affairs, difficult for teaching staff making it difficult for students run by a self invested headmistress who bullies many .Most parents employ the use of tutors to achieve a good outcome.
By Parent - 24 Nov 2015, Rate: bad
To all patents and students this school offers very little .It is however a great help to all the tutors of the world ,we get loads of work fom the poorly satisfied parents and students and actually help the school indirectly get better VCE results.If you want an education don't go here but if you want to go through the motions of school this one would be ok
By Alumnus - 20 Jan 2015, Rate: poor
Such a sad state. of affairs. A school that had a high reputation in so many areas now to show such a disorganised program and brand . I truly believe that the only person who benefits from being at the school is the headmistress who has the sole aim of her own future not about the future of educating her students."think very carefully about a school who publishes perfect scores of subjects that they don't offer , a school who welcomes bad behaviour and a school who neglects the business of education. how sad that this schools has been neglected
By Parent - 06 Jan 2015, Rate: excellent
I have been thrilled with Melbourne Girls Grammar, the amazing staff, my daughter's fellow students and the strong leadership by it's principal, Mrs Misson (not Mission as indicated in the two previous reviews, clearly done by the same disgruntled person). I would highly recommend it, as would my daughters!
By Parent - 06 Dec 2014, Rate: bad
The school has a terrible reputation for bulling, and this bullying is modeled by the school principle, Ms Catherine Mission. Ms Mission bullies and yells at her staff, who in turn bully and yell at students. Bullying among students is tolerated and complaints about it to the principal are met with inaction. It's no wonder that the school is being investigated by the Victorian School Regulations Board and by the Human Rights Commission for violations of the law. It's also no wonder that students and teachers alike are leaving the school. The conduct of the school and its principal is appalling.
By Parent - 28 Aug 2014, Rate: bad
Avoid Melbourne Girls Grammar School!!! We put our daughter in this school without doing the proper due diligence and deeply regret it.
After numerous problems at the school that went unresolved despite our best efforts, we found the school to be very unsatisfactory in many respects- very disorganised, poor teaching, many teachers who only work part time, poor (sometimes no) communication with parents despite repeated requests.
Despite the pretty admissions brochure and claims of ethical values and support for students, we found the exact opposite- including the conduct of the school principal, who is an extremely poor role model. She appears to run the school like a money-making business, at the expense of attention to the needs of the girls, including complaining that the school barely receives any government funding for a student at the school (who she indicated by name) who suffers from cerebral palsy. Really disgusting behavior.
When we were looking to move our daughter to another school, our conversations with other schools were quite revealing- they all seemed to be well aware of Melbourne Girls Grammar school's poor reputation, especially in the area of pastoral care- ie looking out for the welfare of the students. Those schools indicated that they get many girls transferring out of Melbourne Girls Grammar school each year- no doubt families who came to the same realisation that we did.
Avoid this school. It is much easier to start at a school where your daughter can make friends and stay to continue her education, not have to later transfer to a better school and leave her friends behind once you realize what a poor school Melbourne Girls Grammar actually is.
By Student - 15 Sep 2013, Rate: excellent
Really good school, good teachers and lots of good students :)
By Student - 25 Aug 2013, Rate: excellent
Cool school
I'm , rate this school

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