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Sacre Coeur, Glen Iris

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By Parent - 14 Apr 2015, Rate: poor
I am a parent and my daughter is the senior school. Honestly I think that the school is not paying attention to what the parents want for their daughters. They are too focussed on academic outcomes and not enough on a well rounded individual. The pressure my daughter was under in yr 7 was immense and yet the schools attitude was that it was somehow her fault. There are some serious issues with her year group that the school has failed to address. I feel that I'm not being heard and it is very much " my way or the highway" they forget that the parents pay their wages!! the school is too concerned with petty rules wearing the right coloured hair ribbons etc. and as for Christian values forget it. I've seen more compassion in non denominational schools than Sac. We are looking to leave this year.
By Parent - 10 Jun 2014, Rate: excellent
Class sizes aren't too big or small which means the correct amount of attention is paid to each student. It also allows closer bonds to form among teachers & students. Love this school & know it is guiding my daughter in the right direction!
By Student - 08 Jun 2014, Rate: excellent
Sacre Coeur is an all round excellent school. It focuses not only on academics, but all areas of school life, which is why I love it. There is also such a high standard of punctuality from students and teacher. Care for student well being is also outstanding :)!
By Parent - 30 May 2014, Rate: excellent
My daughter graduated from this school in 2012. All her year did well and are now studying a range of courses: humanities, science, the arts. She formed great friendships there and the girls have remained close. A friendly, nurturing school; smaller than some of the other girls schools around so it enabled my daughter to feel secure and part of a family.
By Parent - 01 Jan 2014, Rate: excellent
I'm a Parent and my daughter has just completed yet 7 this yr she'll be in yr 8. I have to say I was very impressed with the support my daughter received by all her teachers and especially Pauline the yr 7 coordinator. It's a very academic school and it provides the girls with a bright future offering them excellent subjects. It's a very elite school and am very proud and honoured that she attends sacre coeur. Ny daughter has had the best yr and looks forward to this year in yr 8.
By Alumnus - 14 Nov 2013, Rate: bad
In our year level that finished in 1990, 2 students have passed away on drug related lifestyles that started while at this school. Over 90% of the class waited until after 30 to have children and many are still trying for their first. The school suffers from poor leadership, the nuns were great and should still be there. This is very much a school that spends effort on the bright ones and the ones they like, not the whole classroom.
By Student - 20 Oct 2013, Rate: excellent
I'm just graduating this year from sacre coeur and it has been honestly the best 6 years of my life. I'm beside myself at the idea I won't be coming back next year and I'm definitely sadder about leaving than I am excited about university life. My grandma loved the school, my mother and her sisters loved the school, I love the school and I know my daughters will too.
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