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St Kevin's College, Toorak

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School Reviews
By Parent - 01 May 2023, Rate: bad
Xavier is better
By Parent - 06 Apr 2022, Rate: bad
I just wanted my kid to get some education.
But instead he comes home with aids and a AMCAR-Rifle.
Don't recommend
By Parent - 15 Feb 2022, Rate: excellent
We could not be happier with the school, even with the negative press. One child is sporty and the other arty and they have both been encouraged to enjoy and excel in their interests. The new Principal Ms Barker is fantastic and has the student's best interests at heart. SKC is getting better and better with a new leadership team and the boys are now the focus, not the reputation (as per the old regime).
By Alumnus - 05 Sep 2021, Rate: poor
Got touched
By Employee - 31 Mar 2021, Rate: good
Mostly boys who like riding Darth Vader motorcycles
By Parent - 28 Mar 2021, Rate: excellent
elite 10/10
By Alumnus - 22 Mar 2021, Rate: bad
Shocking culture has existed for decades. Needs to be shut down.
By Student - 23 Feb 2021, Rate: excellent
Great school you should 100% send your kids here. Great sporting facilities good teachers and caring staff
By Parent - 04 Nov 2020, Rate: bad
DO Not sent your son to this school it has a dangerous culture.
By Parent - 07 Oct 2020, Rate: poor
I regret sending my boys to St Kevin’s. It hasn’t been the fine investment in their future that I thought it would be. One disappointment after another.
By Student - 28 Apr 2020, Rate: excellent
Absolute elite school send your kids there
By Parent - 25 Feb 2020, Rate: bad
AHS is better
By Parent - 18 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
A breeding ground for paedophiles, just like the Catholic Church.
Surprised this happened at the school? Hell No!
By Parent - 17 Feb 2020, Rate: good
This school has been managed and administered by pomposity rather than integrity for a long time.There is a need to realise that corporate success has come at the cost of authenticity.The Board and EREA have a clear duty now to cauterise this wound for the benefit of the boys they hope to educate in the future.
By Alumnus - 17 Feb 2020, Rate: bad
Headmaster needs to resign over the cover up culture reported by 4Corners. Why send your boys to the paedophiles and their mates! Disgusting.
By Student - 13 Feb 2020, Rate: excellent
Amazing school
By Parent - 29 Jan 2020, Rate: average
Treats some students not as well as others.
By Parent - 30 Oct 2019, Rate: excellent
Great school.
By Parent - 24 Jun 2018, Rate: bad
Why has my review dated June 20 2018 that mentioned the word BULLYING & an unsatisfactory result been removed??? No freedom of speech? I will see what the media thinks about this...
By Alumnus - 28 Feb 2016, Rate: excellent
SKC is an excellent boys school. Unfortunately it is embarrassed that sex abuse has occurred since to 60s and there have been numerous settlements. It is also mentioned many times in the Royal Commission. It has refused to publicly admit that widespread abuse happened and they it failed to deal with these. Any school with this lack of honesty is to be seriously questioned
By Parent - 15 Feb 2016, Rate: good
This is a good school for sporty kids who generally achieve high overall academic results. If you are average or struggling, perhaps rethink your choice. The school is very light on administrative detail and seems to take feedback poorly .
By Parent - 21 Dec 2015, Rate: poor
Only 5 percent non-English student! Must be a school full of bullies!
By Alumnus - 21 Nov 2015, Rate: bad
Piece of shit school and I hope all the teachers there die. DON'T SEND YOUR KID THERE!!!!!!
By Parent - 23 Aug 2015, Rate: bad
Made enquiry on Thursday afternoon about how my son was treated. On Friday got 6 phone calls, finally got hold on me and speak to DAVID HILL, officer of register at 6:10 pm. He asked me to make decision whether to leave the school or continue because he needs to finalise the numbers for next year before orientation day. Very SHOCKED!! after all these years we are part of the community, felt like we were just got kicked so badly. I was in tears the way we were treated. I asked him how much does he care about the current student? or is it more important to build up the numbers??
Very disappointed specially after all donation made to the school to top up the $14,000 school fees plus levis.
By Alumnus - 09 May 2015, Rate: excellent
As a past student, and 35 year experienced teacher, I can say SKC is right at the top for those considering an all boys school! However many people (including myself) believe co ed environments teaches boys essential socio psychological things not found in all boys school. Also a shame SKC still has never publicly notified alumni of the the paedophile teacher, and the Herald Sun on 8.5.14 had to break they story. Obviously image is more important than caring for potentially deadly experiences
By Parent - 17 Dec 2014, Rate: excellent
St Kevin's is a school of exceptional standard and ethics. The standard they set is commendable and the boys are highly regarded in the community. I couldn't have asked for a better education for our son. The environment was amazing. Thank you I wish he had another 7 years with the school!
By Parent - 16 Dec 2014, Rate: excellent
Excellent school, great ethos and community!
By Student - 29 May 2014, Rate: bad
Strict staff that give detentions for ties that aren't 'neat'. Only said to be a good school because of the high VCE Results. Other than that, the curriculum teaching as an absolute mess.
By Student - 18 May 2014, Rate: excellent
The school allows students to show their full potential. Thats what I love about it.
By Parent - 30 Apr 2014, Rate: poor
theywant come out like sausages...all the same.
By Parent - 30 Apr 2014, Rate: average
too many boys.
By Parent - 11 Aug 2013, Rate: average
Large class sizes.
I'm , rate this school

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