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Serpell Primary School, Templestowe

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School Reviews
By Student - 07 Dec 2023, Rate: bad
honestly the school itself is horrible
my teacher disregards me and only focuses on how good we would make her look as a class
its terrible
and bullying in this school is handled so terribly
all the students that endlessly pick on others are just shoved off as a small incident to never be talked about again
its a horrendous school
do better
By Student - 17 Jul 2023, Rate: bad
I definitely don’t recommend u going to this school because kids are very rude and they don’t show respect also we don’t learn anything it’s just the same thing just like the last years and the website lied about respect because clearly people call each other names and bully this is a scam even my old school was better than this personally I would rate this worser than bad
By Student - 14 Mar 2023, Rate: average
It’s a ok school, but they basically teach you absolutely nothing and there is way to many bad students. Like why would do let someone who tried to strangle someone stay in the school?
By Student - 25 Oct 2022, Rate: bad
i barely have memories of this school but 90% of the memories I have are of being bullied I also learned basically nothing I remember running from bullies calling me a boy since I had short hair at the time and ran into the metal bar just underneath the wavy bridge playground the bruise was bad but i didn’t feel anything I started crying so I could get sent home and away from the bullies
By Student - 02 Jan 2022, Rate: excellent
I’ve been to this school and graduate at 2010 & it’s a great school but they didn’t let me pray for Nicki Minaj. She’s part of my religion, it’s so disrespectful and then I asked my parents about this and they told me that they’re going to sue this school with the most powerful person ever…….. ARABICS OF THE TUTORS!!! and then this school got canceled for a month and then after all what happened, when it was graduation day super idol came to the school and taught us to become a rookie SUPERIDOL. He saved my life and Nicki minaj (aka the goddess) came to the school, I had a breakdown, I cried to her and then she told me “I’ll shall bless you forever” and then she did and then became a helicopter and saved the day. This school is such a blessing!!!! May Nicki, arabics of the tutors and SUPERIDOL loves you<3
By Student - 19 Dec 2021, Rate: excellent
Graduated just recently and have loved spending time at serpell. All the teachers are so nice! We are given so many opportunities! Many of the reviews say that the school is overpopulated but I have not ever been upset or dissatisfied in the community at serpell. My last 7 years have been unforgettable my year level has been so great! We also having so many new facilities coming up. Love the school and all the teachers!
By Student - 08 Sep 2021, Rate: excellent
My last year a serpell was excellent, as well as my previous years. The facilities academically were excellent! I would remember waking up early every day excited to get ready for school.
By Student - 25 Nov 2020, Rate: good
I go to serpell currently the teachers are great but their is a lot of bullies I get bullied a lot
By Parent - 31 Dec 2019, Rate: poor
We came to Australia to make it our 2nd home country. However, there has been a group of people including the teachers putting you down even humiliating you. All the experience in the school tells you they don't value you. Anyway, the school never teaches kids to call themselves Australia or sing national anthem at assembling.
By Student - 31 Oct 2019, Rate: excellent
it has very good teachers recommended for prep to grade 2
By Parent - 04 Aug 2016, Rate: average
Overcrowded school, school does not have a firm bullying policy - academic performance and NAPLAN results is one thing, the social well being of our children is more important IM0. The major issues is the school had become too large which means they are spread too thin, you child is more vunerable in this environment and slip through the cracks.
By Parent - 10 Jun 2016, Rate: average
Bullies are getting worse. School is way too over sized. Student well beings are ignored.
By Parent - 13 May 2016, Rate: good
My daughter now thinks this school is amazing, but as she has recently said, people at her school always behave rudely and ALWAYS call each other names. When I visited Serpell, I realised it was very populated. Going over many things, Serpell is okay. But the lady at the office NEEDS to get changed, as she is too rude and impolite.
By Student - 29 Apr 2016, Rate: poor
sean l
By Parent - 22 Mar 2016, Rate: excellent
Great school with extensive additional education programs not found in many other public schools, thanks to the dedication and drive of the Principal and Staff. The education and welfare of the children are always the first and foremost priority.
Like all inner Melbourne schools, with recent population growth student numbers have increased markedly, however this has been handled extremely well within their budget constraints. I understand additional classrooms are scheduled for construction in the very near future, which should elevate some current pressures they have.
The outstanding academic results that this school produces makes it a must go to school for both local children, whilst it's international reputation makes it a draw card for new Australians. The results this school produces is higher than most private schools.
With its high cultural diversity this school is very much a reflection of our world, giving the students a firm grounding in understanding and appreciating working with and benefiting from different views and approaches.
With a strong focus on developing children as independent thinkers and leaders, with a strong sense of belonging to and acting within the best interests of the community.
Serpell Primary School is a school for parents who want the best foundation to build their child's education on. I highly recommend this school.
By Alumnus - 09 Mar 2016, Rate: excellent
I went to this school from 2006-2012 and i found it to be a wonderful school. It definitely gave me an strong advantage in the following years of my schooling. It was a supportive environment to learn in and the staff created a great atmosphere to make friends and build strong connections.
By Parent - 17 Dec 2015, Rate: poor
I thought Serpell was good, unfortunately, not what we expected, quite disappointed!!!
"Good school results is from majority of students doing extra tutoring outside of the school." This is a TRUTH!!!
By Parent - 20 Nov 2014, Rate: average
Serpell has become so big now that your child is just a number $$$ and not an individual. Eight Prep classes are enrolled for 2015 & they cannot even accommodate them - two classes will be housed in the "open space" (hall way) of the Foundation Building - it's unacceptable.
However don't raise any concerns with the Principal, you'll just be fobbed off or 'silenced' so your concerns will go nowhere.
By Parent - 04 Nov 2014, Rate: good
School is getting way too big with average class size 28 students and over 160 students in a year level and growing. Good school results is from majority of students doing extra tutoring outside of the school.
By Parent - 07 May 2013, Rate: excellent
Highly recommended. Excellent education standard, supportive vibrant community with high expectation for academic achievement.
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