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Cheltenham Girls' High School, BeecroftCompare
School Facts
School sector:Government
School type:Secondary school
Gender:Single Sex-Girl
Total student:1245 (boy:0, girl:1245)
Total staff:78
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1159, ranks No.192 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
HSC rank:No.58 (2015), No.75 (2014), No.70 (2013), No.72 (2012), No.70 (2011), No.77 (2010), No.59 (2008)
Address:Beecroft Rd & The Promenade, Beecroft NSW 2119
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School Comment
Cheltenham Girls' High School was established as a local comprehensive high school in 1958. The school is located on the magnificent former residential estate of the Vicars family, a family linked to the early history of Parramatta. The school celebrates o... more
Student Assessment
Year 758557759558861152
Year 962563663862264952
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 08 Jun 2023, Rate: bad
I am a year ten student at CGHS and I am trying so hard to convince my parents to let me move. Cheltenham is a BAD place to be. All of the good reviews on here are from when the school had its previous principal. Trust me, it has just gone downhill since. I know you may think you cannot trust a teenage girls review about a school, but please please hear me out. CGHS may do well in academics, but the school is a torturous place to be. I have never had such hatred for a school before. You rarely come across good teachers and don't even get me started on the principal and deputies. The school is a terrible place to be and I would do anything to leave it. For the mental health and sake of your child, PARENTS do not send your daughter here.
By Student - 21 Mar 2023, Rate: bad
I can't believe how there was a huge stealing issue going on in school, where about 10-20k was stolen. Our principal did so little action for this huge event. It was very disappointing. Also the teachers in this school, most of them show no respect and are rude and unreasonable. The principal especially gives you a look. Thinking to herself that she is better than everyone else in the school. I do not recommend this school at all, if you are a parent considering sending your child to Cheltenham Girls High school, please reconsider. What I said above is more than accurate. In this school, they care about if we are wearing the right socks more than our well-being. Also, I and my friends asked the teacher if we could go to the toilet, and the teacher said no and let us wait for a whole hour. During the waiting time, I and my friends asked multiple times, but she responds with a "No, you guys just came back from lunch." But the fact is that it has been 30min since lunch ended, and we only felt busted afterward. I had all my property in my pockets after the stealing event. Which includes my phone in there, I placed my jumper on the table in front of me. The teacher somehow decided to move my jacket so my phone ended up on the table. She then pulled it out and got me in trouble (at this time I was trying to read a book) She said about how I thought she was stupid and how she knew I'm gonna go on my phone as soon as she leaves. It is just absolutely unacceptable that I just got accused of something I didn't even intend to do. But I hope what I said above has helped you truly understand what Cheltenham Girl Is like. I have been in Cheltenham Girls for 3 years so this is not the first time these kinds of things happen.
By Student - 25 Aug 2022, Rate: excellent
I'm a year 10 student at CGHS rn. I really enjoy going here and even tho it isn't a selective school, it's still a really good high school. The teachers are kind and understanding, all the students are nice to each other and there is no bullying, whatsoever. Its a really good school and I recommend it.
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