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Queensland Institute of Business and Technology, Qld
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School type:University
Course TART cut-offs in 2012
Diploma of Biosciences/Bachelor of Science - full-time79
Diploma of Engineering - full-time or part-time78
Diploma of Health Sciences/Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science - full-time or part-time77
Diploma of Commerce/Bachelor of Commerce - full-time or part-time64
Diploma of Biosciences (Advanced)/Bachelor of Biomedical Science - full-time or part-time63
Diploma of Hotel Management - full-time or part-time61
Diploma of Commerce - full-time or part-time60
Diploma of Engineering/Bachelor of Engineering - full-time60
Diploma of Commerce/Bachelor of Business - full-time59
Diploma of Hotel Management/Bachelor of Business (Hotel, Tourism, Event, Real Estate and Property or Sport) - full-time or part-59
Diploma of Hotel Management/Bachelor of International Business - full-time or part-time59
Diploma of Media and Communication/Bachelor of Journalism - full-time or part-time59
Associate Degree in Commerce and Business - full-time or part-time57
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