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Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, MelbourneCompare
School Facts
School sector:Government(selective)
School type:Secondary school
Gender:Single Sex-Girl
Total student:921 (boy:0, girl:921)
Total staff:73
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1131, ranks No.245 More ICSEA Ranking...
VCE rank:No.2 (2015), No.5 (2014), No.1 (2013), No.2 (2012), No.1 (2011), No.1 (2010), No.3 (2009), No.1 (2008)
Address:350 Kings Way Melbourne VIC 3001
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Phone:03 9820 0788

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School Comment
The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, one of the finest schools in Victoria, is a government selective entry school for girls in Years 9 to 12. Situated on the edge of the CBD, it is attended by students from all over Melbourne and beyond, who bring with... more
Student Assessment
Year 96827067046997362
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Student - 18 Sep 2023, Rate: good
People here criticise other students in Nossal or Suzanne Cory high. What did they ever do to you? These two schools are NOT rejects and some who got in (like me) put it as their first preference since macrob was too far away. According to data given by Better Education, the difference between these two schools is 8% when it comes to performance. Macrob is better in some way (marginally) when it come to their students but Suzanne Cory has better facilities and that is permanent.
Admittedly, I am unhappy with Macrob’s view on Suzanne, and that is why I decided to express my views here.
In short, both schools are selective schools that meet the needs of exceptional students and both of them are good in different aspects. Therefore Macrob should not demean other schools.
By Parent - 01 Aug 2022, Rate: bad
My son goes to this school. And his been a victim of bullying his teachers right from the start. In the past few months his has been calling them an "genius" and a " Tubby talented brain wiz". When I called to complain, the coordinator just dismissed the accusations by calling my son based and a sigma male. I drafted a mail to the principle requesting for a meeting however, I ended up having a chat with the coordinator and was never called for the meeting with the principle. My son has been dancing in school a few times. when I called up again to enquire about the reasons for chillin and when questioned why the parents were not informed or asked to come to school for a discussion prior.. I was simply told this is the way the school operates which is quite surprising. I've also spoken to other parents from different back grounds like Sri Lankan, New Zealand, India and they seems to have the same opinion about the school. I've even witnessed an Aussie student once saying to the teacher "love you" during a stay after school session which the teacher just ignored but no disciplinary action was taken. I'm still waiting for my meeting with the principle. I would advise anyone to send their children to this school since its the best school in the state. It's great to see Government schools like P12 encourages bullying and fair dismissal judging by the hair colour. I'll probably rank this as one of the best schools just on the basis of very great values the school seems to demonstrate.
By Student - 18 Nov 2018, Rate: excellent
Since I’ve been at this school, I’ve noticed i have become for stressful and my anxiety is worse
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