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Nossal High School, BerwickCompare
School Facts
School sector:Government(selective)
School type:Secondary school
Total student:398 (boy:217, girl:181)
Total staff:28
Student attendance:
None-english student:
ICSEA value:
1105, ranks No.361 More ICSEA Ranking...
ICSEA distribution:
Bottom quarterMiddle quartersTop quarter
VCE rank:No.15 (2015), No.28 (2014), No.33 (2013), No.12 (2012), No.126 (2011)
Address:100 Clyde Road Berwick VIC 3806
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Phone:03 8762 4600

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School Comment
Nossal High School is the first Government fully academically selective coeducational secondary school, joining Melbourne High, MacRob and (in 2011) Suzanne Cory HS to form the select entry network of schools. Nossal has a capped enrolment of 200 students ... more
Student Assessment
Year 96526866826737153
Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN) results in 2011.
By Parent - 02 Jul 2020, Rate: excellent
No emphasis on discipline.
By Student - 28 Nov 2018, Rate: good
Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with others as those who were considered “smart” in their old schools are now simply average. Competing against the best of the best can intimidate people however it can also encourage others to do their best. Teachers, although nowhere near the standard of private school teachers are qualified and very approachable. Something which is different to other schools is the diversity of culture you find in Nossal High School. The student-teacher relationship is inspiring and you are never afraid to talk to anybody however there is an expectation that students should teach themselves a lot of the course when it is actually the teachers job. Sometimes they go too fast and don’t cater for students who are falling a little behind so to do well at this school you have to be incredibly intelligent & hard working, barely scraping through the entrance exam means you’ll have a very hard time here. Not enough excursions or camps for the children to enjoy and they do have opportunities for extra-curricular activities but are too occupied with academics that they don’t consider the other things offered.
By Student - 22 Oct 2018, Rate: average
A school that has a decent amount of excellent teachers and that has a fair amount of 'new' teachers who find it really hard to accustom themselves to Nossal culture. Some students are highly gifted, while others are 'just average' and a few are at a 'fail grade'. Many students suffer from anxiety and intense stress because of how challenging they make the work. We're not einsteins - we're children who still need to be taught things-not told to go teach ourselves several chapters of Chemistry on our own at home - that's the teacher's job. Self esteem will be absolutely destroyed at this school when it comes to academics. You may have thought you did pretty well at your old school - but come to Nossal to find that there are at least 50 other students 95% better and smarter than you. A change I must say. Teachers try their best I suppose but some could try harder.. Amazing Wellbeing System though I must say - you can count on Sandy and Renee to give you what you're looking for. School facilities are amazing (except the IT department) who think it's fine to take students laptops away to 'repair' for around 5 days only in order for the student to find out the technician couldn't make it on any of the days so you're going to have to leave the laptop at the IT for ANOTHER 5 days. Totally doesn't mess up your studying (sarcasm) considering everything's done on our laptops.
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