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Mt Hobson Middle School, Auckland City, AucklandCompare
School Facts
School sector:Non-government
School type:Combined school
Total student:51
Decile rating:
10 High school decile ranking
Address:131 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland
Review report:Review in 03 Mar 2010
Ethnic composition:
NZ European/P?keh?92%
other European7%

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By Parent - 28 Jul 2016, Rate: poor
I really wish there were more artelcis like this on the web.
By Student - 07 Oct 2014, Rate: bad
This was the shitest school that i ever went to. The teacher are a bunch of assholes and they don't know what they are doing the work isn't student based. Mr poole said to my parents that and i quote \"we expect your child to not to well on their first project. The teachers are ride especially ms carbonile see is rude and a bit hand then there is Debbie white a birch in my opinion when she makes people preform stuff even if you have stagefrieght, the she said and i quote\"stop being a baby, if you don,t wear make up i am telling your dad\". Then there is alwyn who process to have been teaching for ten years, but in accutally he has no clue about anything.there was only one descent teacher who was mrs monteffe who actually knew what she was doing
coming to mount hobson middle school was the highest miskate of my life and i wish i had never come to this shithole in the first place
Tyler kalhee
By Alumnus - 14 Aug 2013, Rate: excellent
I'm , rate this school

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