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Merici College, Braddon

By Student - 09 Oct 2022, 评价: 较差
I'm in year 7 2022 and the assessments are too hard
By Parent - 30 Jan 2021, 评价: 很差
This school is terrible. My girls were severely bullied by their peers. The teachers are biased and two faced, and never offered support for my daughters. I definitely don’t recommend sending your girls here.
By Student - 07 Nov 2019, 评价: 优秀
I am a studying attending Merici college as a junior student and the school is amazing. I would never have chosen a better school. At Merici, the students are well educated to a high academic level and the staff are lovely. I love the way the school is set out in a friendly environment where you are able to ask the seniors, staff and even classmates anything. I hope to stay here until year 12 as Merici is the best school I’ve ever been to
By Alumnus - 20 Aug 2018, 评价: 很差
I went here from years 7 to 12 and firstly i am an epileptic anxiety being my trigger where i woulf seize before exams and there was no help what so ever for after the exam. i know other friends in similar conditions who where treated better at public schools. For me They would average all my semester my grades and add them together. Sound primative it is I wasn't even allowed to retake most i seized before unless specifically stated.
However I had good times and made some great friends however girls treated the place as if they were in a gossip girl and there was some sort of hierarchy system and they got away with it because they were the teachers pets.
By Student - 20 Sep 2015, 评价: 良好
I go to this school and i am in one of the junior grades. The school itself is fantastic. The school is clean, the staff are nice, there is a lot of school spirit and we get a lot of privileges other girls don't get in high school. The education is really good, i have loved the way they teach here, nut the only problem is that when bullying occurs, the staff in charge of dealing with it do not do much about. Overall, the school is great.
By Parent - 04 Jul 2014, 评价: 优秀
Went there. year 8-9 was hell on earth.
The bullying is relentless by the students who constantly have to torment a 'weaker' individual in order to satisfy their own insecure existence.
Having said that, i enjoyed college.
By Student - 04 Mar 2014, 评价: 优秀
I go to this school and I'm in year 9,This school is amazing, they are the best educational unit I know of, the girls at the school are informed, polite and well dressed, the staff are supportive and encourage all the students to build futures their futures as strong as possible, the are lead by an amazing principal, this school is absolutely outstanding, the wider community recognise the ladies are spectacular, the school is supportive of many charities,social justice, sustainability and a coward thinking way of teaching the girls everything they need, this school is simply amazing!!!!! Merici is a universe ahead of other schools in canberra and I dare to say the country, merici students, staff and parents should hold their heads high and recognise that they are being noticed by a lot of people for the amazing work they do. The girls that attend merici will be our future leaders
By Student - 04 Apr 2013, 评价: 一般
it's average
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