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Ivanhoe Grammar School, Ivanhoe

By Student - 18 Aug 2023, 评价: 优秀
I am a student that came from the buckley house- the buckley house is a very nuturing healthy enviromeant. the highschool is very average in terms of education - in saying the opotuinities like camps and excurtions are above a average level. but the education lacks in so many ways... deffinitly reccomend the juniour school but if your looking sending your kid to a highschool.. better off sending them to a better enviroment for there education because it is just very average here in ivanhoe in my opinion ! x
By Student - 14 Aug 2023, 评价: 良好
great school dont reccomend
By Parent - 08 May 2023, 评价: 优秀
We are thinking of sending our son here so would like current honest reviews.
By Parent - 02 Oct 2022, 评价: 优秀
I am concerned that this school isn't doing anything to protect my son from the horrific cyberbullying he is on the receiving end perpetrated by an older student at Ivanhoe who owns the YouTube pages WAMO and Internet Anarchist.
He has constantly taunted my son through his YouTube "content" where he has accused my son of calling an Ivanhoe student with special needs an ablest slur on his computer game. This has led to my son being constantly frowned by the bully and his peers on campus which has led to my son developing anxiety.
I wouldn't recommend this school unless your son has skin which is tougher than a diamond. But sadly I don't even think boys would have skins that tough; especially in today's cancel-culture obsessed world.
By Parent - 25 Mar 2022, 评价: 一般
We have been disappointed with the quality of programs offered such as Cadets and Ideals. Both programs could do with some attention and improvement. Also disappointed with lack of innovation with teaching. Limited subject offerings and teaching styles are not progressive. Some (about half) very caring and wonderful teachers, but overall leadership and direction of the school has been disappointing. I would like to see more progressive teaching and greater subject offerings that engage students and help them discover their passion rather than focusing on how to pass tests. My child is bright, but has not flourished and struggles to engage due to boredom.
By Parent - 03 Jan 2016, 评价: 优秀
The junior school is amazing we are so happy with our son there.
By Parent - 07 Aug 2015, 评价: 较差
I am very disappointed in the high school, the primary school was a very nurturing environment with some excellent teachers.
The high school lacks in so many ways.
You don't always get what you pay for
By Parent - 06 Aug 2015, 评价: 较差
I am very disappointed in the high school, the primary school was a very nurturing environment with some excellent teachers.
The high school lacks in so many ways.
You don't always get what you pay for
By Student - 10 Feb 2015, 评价: 优秀
best school i have ever been in every one is really nice and smart
By Parent - 11 Nov 2014, 评价: 很差
Do not send your child to this school. Extremely poor management and senior staff are a joke. Don't waste your money.
By Parent - 16 Oct 2014, 评价: 一般
Very mixed feeling about the Buckley campus (IGS primary school). Some teachers we came across are very snobbish and not good educators. Quite a few insensitive and arrogant character amongst the teachers - not something we expected from a seriously overpriced private school. Its a bit of a lottery. If you are lucky - your child will end up with a good teacher ... But specialist teachers you can't avoid. And there are 3 teachers that honestly shouldn't be there ...
By Parent - 14 Nov 2013, 评价: 优秀
excellent education
By Parent - 02 Nov 2013, 评价: 较差
head master, not concerned for his pupils, middle year manager, should be let go, We are paying for a good education, you are not providing it!
By Parent - 02 Nov 2013, 评价: 很差
better schools in the area, reputation is sliding
By Student - 02 Nov 2013, 评价: 很差
all the educated parents are removing there kids from this school, teachers not concerned for kids, taking long holidays on our money, and plenty of fights... what happened?
By Parent - 02 Nov 2013, 评价: 较差
very poor standard of teaching, better schools in the area, and they are not fee paying
By Alumnus - 26 Aug 2013, 评价: 很差
Great quality academic education, however the worst social teachings that I have ever witnessed. Sexism is just out of control at this school, year 10 females (15 years of age) will befriend 18 year old men in year 12 - made possible by the fact that students aged 15-18 are lumped into the same form groups. Pretty disapointing.
By Alumnus - 11 Jul 2010, 评价: 良好
May be of the higher end in financial terms, but it has and always will be a school of achievement. Every student that enters is urged to be involved in all the many and varied aspects the schools offers. There is something at Ivanhoe Grammar for everyone.
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