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Caulfield Grammar School, Wheelers Hill

By Student - 02 Mar 2023, 评价: 良好
I just transferred here and I must say it's just such a great school. The facilities are really cool and the wifi is very strong.
I love the education here and the electives that are offered here. The vending machines are cool too but sometimes when I pay for the item it doesn't come out
By Parent - 01 Mar 2023, 评价: 优秀
There is a sus teacher who gets hard when watching the boys swim
By Student - 10 Feb 2023, 评价: 较差
Nothing special about the academic curriculum, although there are a variety of extracurricular activities to choose from. My bone to pick with the school is the way certain teachers would handle conflicts. Judging by multiple other reviews on this page, clearly I’m not the only who’s experienced teachers attempting to cover up bullying or harassment. Caulfield, hire better teachers.
By Parent - 28 Nov 2022, 评价: 很差
The bullying is terrible. My son was nearly killed by a bully who hung him over a balcony. The school only cared to cover it up and look after the bully.
The school management is only interested in marketing not in the care of the children. We changed schools. Do NOT send your child to this school.
By Student - 10 Aug 2022, 评价: 优秀
I'm going to this school next year, and through the tours, I think the school looks pretty good but ill re-review next yr
By Student - 04 Aug 2022, 评价: 优秀
Great bc our uniforms are really cute honesty
By Parent - 25 Jul 2022, 评价: 优秀
when I went in for Parent teacher interviews I found 4 kids having a cricle jerk in a store room bit disapoiting but had to join in on the fun
By Student - 12 May 2022, 评价: 优秀
i don't know why people think the school isn't good, the school is BETTER THAN YO LIFE BIT CHESS >:)
By Employee - 06 May 2022, 评价: 一般
Facilities are fantastic. However, some kids (especially boys) aren't.
By Student - 05 Mar 2022, 评价: 良好
I personally love caulfield grammar however some teachers just don't do their jobs. Like when students go on their phones in class or say bad words, the teachers act like they don't care and worry more about themselves. Also there are A LOT of very bad behaved boys so be careful
By Student - 03 Mar 2022, 评价: 优秀
I LOVE THIS SCHOOL I personally do not agree with the reviews above like.. MY TEACHER RIS SO NICE!
By Student - 01 Mar 2022, 评价: 良好
The lunch orders are very trash except for the sushi and we have very nice teachers in the wheelershill region since malvern and caulfield campus just has eshays and white kids but the caulfield grammer wheelers hill we are very well behaved we get lots of work when we get to seniour school and yeah.
By Student - 15 Feb 2022, 评价: 优秀
i love caulfield grammar because of my friends and the vending makine
By Student - 15 Feb 2022, 评价: 优秀
This is an excellent school with false accusations as seen above. I love Caulfield grammar and I am grateful to be part of this nurturing community.
By Alumnus - 13 Dec 2021, 评价: 很差
You ever watch The Simpsons? You know how everyone picked on Milhouse, including the teachers? That was me. If you aren't part of the elite circle or super wealthy, you're considered trash here. I've grown up beside the principal's daughters and he didn't care when I was constantly bullied all day every day. Caulfield Grammar has ruined my life, and 6 years on from graduating I am still haunted by my time there.
By Parent - 27 Aug 2021, 评价: 一般
The school needs to improve on its education system, little work set and homework is non existent. There is also a definite bias towards certain kids from teachers in the Junior school. Overall an average school at best.
By Student - 23 Aug 2021, 评价: 优秀
This school is the best i have been to. The teacher are really kind (maybe not the science teacher). I made many friend.
By Parent - 10 Jun 2021, 评价: 很差
I agree with above comment “ By Parent - 11 Sep 2019, Rate: very bad
All talk little action. Far too big and student well being is non existent.” bullying is appalling not recognised by school, covered up and personally know many students who left with depression, poor self esteem and poor education. Don’t believe the hipe the advertising tells you. There are some fantastic teachers but system does not work & upper management will not listen that it needs to change. Also if your student needs extra help or has learning difficulties DO NOT send them to CGS. Their education will be ruined. Great school for confident, intelligent, arrogant “jocks” if your student is sporty, good looking, wealthy and selfish, then they will love it.
By Employee - 21 May 2021, 评价: 很差
Found the children here very badly behaved.
By Student - 10 Mar 2020, 评价: 很差
Caulfield Grammar is the WORST out of all the schools I have been to. Students are very unwell behaved and teachers take no action despite knowing all this.
By Parent - 08 Oct 2019, 评价: 优秀
Lovely school and pastoral care in the boarding community.
By Parent - 11 Sep 2019, 评价: 很差
All talk little action. Far too big and student well being is non existent. They have one mentor per 110 students in years 9-12. The school council and higher admin to interested in selling a product than actually looking after students. They might get good ATAR scores but don’t produce happy well balanced thoughtful adults. Bullying a massive issue which is covered up. Students are arrogant, entitled and self absorbed. Teaching staff are overworked.
By Parent - 03 Sep 2015, 评价: 优秀
Fantastic school with fantastic facilities.
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