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Radford College, Bruce

By Student - 22 May 2023, 评价: 很差
Never send your kid to radford if you dont want them go through hell. I go to Radford and come home everyday crying. The kids are awful and hurt and say the meanest things to put you down, whatever it takes to make you upset. The teachers are mean and give you detention for the stupidest things. Way to much pressure, uniform rules way to strict.
By Alumnus - 15 Mar 2023, 评价: 很差
This school is really shit and for 1k per child I was not satisfied with my learning. The school has done nothing to help me with my disabilities and the faculty refuses to prevent bullying and drug use. The head of the school runs the school like a busisness and focuses on building rather than the health and wellbeing of the students. Anyways I'm glad I don't go to that school anymore. Most of the teachers are shit except Mr Ferrington, Ms Barlow, Miss K (I can't spell her name but you guys probably remember her), Mrs Hamilton, and Dr Geeves. Also Holiday Progam is really good and so is after-school care. I heard that Ollie A has been expelled (thank god) he is an asshole, and that Father Richard has been fired or has quit and that's pretty sad he was a good guy and made all this religous shit pretty fun. Anyways I hope some students find this and get a laugh out of this and parents find this and don't enroll their kids here.
By Employee - 01 Feb 2023, 评价: 一般
ewy gives mad blowies
By Parent - 10 Oct 2022, 评价: 优秀
love the teachers
By Student - 08 Aug 2022, 评价: 优秀
The canteen food tastes like a donkey's ass cheeks
By Student - 08 Aug 2022, 评价: 一般
A student (f) was threatening my friend (m) with a knife to break up with their girlfriend, because they were jealous. The school did nothing about it because they think students lie. Anyways, its pretty mid.
By Parent - 09 Nov 2021, 评价: 很差
This school has its perks but the principal is a builder and builds buildings all the time and don't focus on the students learning.
By Student - 28 Aug 2021, 评价: 优秀
The best school in Canberra. Sure, you may think the students are snooty and rich, but the Radford community is an amazing one. The students and their families may be well off, but if you were that rich, you would probably send them to CGS or CGGS. Which are schools to HEAVILY AVOID.
By Alumnus - 30 Jan 2016, 评价: 良好
As a former student I watch the performance of the school with interest. Certainly, its students ace the year 12 results year after year. It gave me an excellent result and I attended a top Uni and have a sucessful career.
However, you'd expect good results given the socioeconomic fortune of many of the students (the normalization of middle/upper middle class backgrounds and aspirations), excellent facilities, as well as frequent drill style practices of mock ranking tests (AST in my day) in the senior school.
Like any high cost private school, students leave with high academic scores and potential for high social capital, by this I mean networks, a sense of confidence, comfort in a business suit (look at the uniforms), and an expectation that they will be a leader (and dare I say it, a sense of entitlement). All things which assist in conventional success. So, in summary, a good introduction to life and therefore a good school.
By Parent - 28 Jul 2015, 评价: 一般
Our child is happy at this school but like other parents, we are concerned about the ever-increasing costs and whether we are getting value for our money.
By Parent - 25 Jun 2013, 评价: 优秀
Undoubtedly the best school in Canberra. proud parent of three students! Radford has the highest academic results of all local schools, but more importantly they really give kids the individual attention and care they need.
By Alumnus - 19 May 2013, 评价: 良好
Best school in the ACT.
By Parent - 19 May 2013, 评价: 优秀
Great school, my child has a love of learning. This is just the place for her.
By Student - 24 Apr 2013, 评价: 优秀
I love my school I have a great tutor and all my teachers are nice to me. I came from a government school and I was very far behind the other radford kids, but within 3 months I was already up to their standard. This shows the teachers commitment and effort towards their students. Even this year i was surprised to the number of new students that were so far behind the people that had been at radford for a number of years. The best thing you can give a child is a good education.
By Parent - 24 Apr 2013, 评价: 优秀
Both my children go to this school and it is fantastic.
By Alumnus - 19 Jul 2009, 评价: 良好
Being at Radford was a great experience. Radford is one of the best schools in Canberra and has maintained it with great results in the AST. I would highly guarrentee that Radford College will meet your needs. I am an elite sportsperson and Radford spread out my curriculum to help me fit in my sporting commitments. Radford always had someone to talk to and the students there are very down to earth. The huge grounds are emaculate and remain maintained by the maintinence staff. I would reccomend no other school in Canberra. Since 2007 the school has grown to Early Learning Centre and Kindegarten to Year 12.The only problem is the waiting list to get into the school, i believe the waiting list is around 6 years long. But it is still possible to get in if you just ring up. The fees are around $12,000 which includes building fund. There is around 170 in each year, which is split into tutor groups of around 8. I highly enjoyed Radford and are thrilled to do so well in the AST and can't wait to start univercity next year!
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