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Ravenswood School for Girls, Gordon对比
学生总数:1085 (男生:0, 女生:1085)
1199, 排名No.37 更多ICSEA排名...
HSC排名:No.33 (2015), No.49 (2014), No.27 (2013), No.24 (2012), No.30 (2011), No.23 (2010), No.19 (2009), No.18 (2008)
地址:Pacific Highway Gordon 2072
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Ravenswood is a non-selective Uniting Church school for girls from Kindergarten to Year 12. Senior Boarding is currently offered and After School Care is available for girls in Kindergarten to Year 6. The Junior, Middle and Senior Schools are conveniently ... 更多
学生成绩基于2011年National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN)结果.
By Alumnus - 19 Nov 2023, 评价: 很差
This school is pathetic. The whole welbeing program is fake. The principle and deputy always have this fake smile on and they dont give a shit about anymore. They created this whole well-being program to cover up things. There so FAKE!
By Student - 26 Oct 2023, 评价: 很差
As a student, I am extremely disappointed with this school. Where do I even start? First of all, I am so sick of the positive education that the school keeps glorifying. I'm going to say this loud and clear for everyone; the 'positive education' at this school has never improved, and will never improve the wellbeing of students, ever. It is such a waste of time, and none of the students enjoy it. If the school really cared about students' opinions and made a survey to ask their opinions on how positive education has changed their lives, I guarantee you, no one will say that their lives have been positively impacted by it. Not to mention, there are even assessments for this useless subject. Having it being part of the curriculum is already bad enough, but now students have to spend even more time to study for positive education assessments? This is absolutely ridiculous. As a student, I think students should not be wasting their time on something like this. How can we sit down and do these pointless positive education assessments when we are stressed about other subjects? And why are we stressing about other subjects in the first place? Maybe it's because positive education is taking away our time that could be used for other things. Our current principal has introduced this concept, to highlight the importance of growth mindsets and how it will benefit students throughout their journey. The idea is good, but it's execution is absolutely terrible. Positive education should be a kind of 'brain break' for students, where they can relax their mind for a while. To me, that's the purpose positive education should serve. It shouldn't be something that students grow to hate. Students feeling negative about positive education, how ironic. The school wants to paint a picture for the parents to show that it is perfect in all aspects and truly care about its students, even going as far as to calling itself a 'well-being school'. Seriously? I can't believe the school has the audacity to say that, when clearly half the school's mental health is rapidly declining. I hope the school sees this review, and I hope they take the opinion of a student into consideration. I hope to see change soon. Change that will actually benefit students, not just a marketing gimmick. Overall, I should've left this school ages ago. I'm not sure what I'm still doing here.
By Student - 21 Aug 2023, 评价: 很差
Has the most stuck up, spoilt students ever.
All the girls that go here wear so much make up and the teachers encourage it. No punishment at all if you wear make-up- most of the time I see the teachers complimenting these nasty girls, when in reality their faces look trash and really ugly and fake.
Also, literally every single lesson, just about the ENTIRE CLASS IS ON THEIR PHONES 24/7. They "hide" it behind their laptop screens. It's obvious the teachers can see this, however, they take no action on it, and in the end, everyone seems to just go on their phones the whole lesson rather than pay attention in class. They don't even get detentions.
The teachers are not strict enough with discipline. Sure they might "threaten" to give a punishment, however, they are always to lenient and are certainly not harsh enough - because I still see girls wearing more and more make-up everyday and during class everyone seems to be spending more and more time on their "hidden" phones.
Also, so many girls "skip" classes. The action that teachers take on this is very poor. If you hate a class e.g. history you can easily just skip and no one could care less and no one will follow up on it...
So as you can imagine, the girls at this school are savage, out of control, ratty brats that are revolting.
Would give 0 stars if I could and would certainly not recommend for you to send your child here unless you want them to turn into a very revolting spoilt girl.
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