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House 价格比去年上升4% .
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Suzanne Cory High School, Werribee对比
学生总数:199 (男生:108, 女生:91)
1084, 排名No.479 更多ICSEA排名...
VCE排名:No.51 (2015), No.66 (2014), No.25 (2013)
地址:255 Hoppers Lane, Werribee, VIC 3030
周边:房价  租金  公共交通

学生成绩基于2011年National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(NAPLAN)结果.
By Student - 23 Jan 2024, 评价: 优秀
Yo, six days until school, who excited for their first day?
By Student - 23 Jan 2024, 评价: 优秀
This is the same person from the message about Suzanne vs macrob.
Some tips to help you prepare for the exam.
I did the new format of the test and it’s not THAT bad. Here is the format.
maths reasoning: 35 questions in 30 mins
Reading reasoning: 35 questions in 30 mins
Verbal ability: 60 questions in 30 mins
Quantitative ability: 50 questions in 30 mins
Writing: 1 narrative and 1 persuasive essay done in 40 mins (total)
For maths, just use your year eight textbook. Finish it cover to cover. If you have Cambridge essential mathematics, even better. Do the extension and enrichment part of the unit as well since Acer will have problems like those (but it will still be in the year 8 curriculum). Get some test papers (and reuse them) from tuitions (like hendersons) to make you familiar with the test style. Tuitions like edukingdom or JamesAnn didn’t help as much as hendersons but one size doesn’t fit all.
For reading comprehension, I never needed that much practise but I heard that the only way is to expose yourself to a variety of these questions and keep doing practice tests. In eduking, you get a book of these for each subject. However the main reason why it didn’t help me as much is because the tests were based on much older ones whereas Hendersons were more recent. This may not be the case now since the test providers suddenly changed last year during our time.
The same is for verbal, expose yourself to more of these questions. MAKE SURE TO INCREASE YOUR VOCABULARY!!!! At the end of the test, I remember ten questions in a row asking the meaning of a word.
For quantitative, you will do fine with most of the word problems as long as you use your maths textbook. However some word problems are similar to the ones you may see in Maths Olympiads so I recommend buying a book of those problems on the APSMO website. However, they are pricey.
Make sure to expose yourself to a lot of number and spatial patterns for the ability component of the test.
Now, to writing. To explain the format further. The examiners give you a persuasive and narrative prompt and expect you to finish BOTH in forty minutes in total. After twenty minutes have passed, they suggest you to start on your next prompt but that is up to you.
My advice it to first learn how to do a solid narrative and persuasive before trying to write them in test conditions. The hendersons workshops on persuasive and narrative writing are helpful.
That’s all for now and I hope you get in to the school you want!
By Student - 23 Jan 2024, 评价: 优秀
It really depends. Honestly the difference is marginal and so far, macrob is better. But this does not mean Suzanne Cory is bad either. After all, it’s up to YOU. One can go to a great school but not get a good atar because of their efforts.
Suzanne is co Ed and its campus is newer whereas macrob is old and for girls only. Macrobs campus is fairly bigger and has a larger cohort. Keep in mind that their acceptance rate is less than Suzanne.
Another thing you should think about is distance. Pick the school closest to you. This will cut travel time and allow you to spend your day more wisely (like studying or pursuing extracurricular activities).
Macrob and Melb high students tend to put down Suzanne and nossal high students by calling them macrob/melb high rejects. It’s wrong and don’t let this affect your decision on which school you want as your first preference. I know a friend who declined her Suzanne Cory offer cause of this. BIG MISTAKE.
I suggest looking through the school websites and virtual tours to help you. Make sure to look at their curriculum and at the languages they have to offer.
Good luck and I hope you get in to the school you want!
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